Spain (Chick Corea) Live soundtrack
From Chick Corea's Light as a Feather. Brad Keller plays a great piano solo on this recording. I hope you enjoy it.

Got A Match (Chick Corea)  Live Soundtrack
We give this technically tricky tune a whimsical interpretation. 

Richard Medel, Solo Guitar Arrangement - Live at Evergreen

Solo Guitar Arrangement - Live at Evergreen

Affirmation (George Benson) Live NO VIDEO
We've given this George Benson classic our own touch.  Brad Keller plays a great solo on piano.

Richard Medel

Richard Medel
is a guitarist from Chicago, Ill.  Had a varied performing career that has included stints in Canada, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the continental US having played along with many well know stars. ​​ Accomplishments:
Received a full scholarship in classical guitar from the Sherwood
Conservatory of Music in Chicago (now a part of Columbia
College, Chicago).
As a sophomore student, I was asked to join the Sherwood Conservatory faculty as an adjunct professor of Jazz Guitar along side Depaul University's Ricard Pick and Seigo Yamada 
3. Held 1st chair guitarist for the prominent Chicago Latin Jazz
​ Orchestra.
4. Studio guitarist at Paramount Studios Chicago having played on
many jingles including McDonald's and KFC.
5. Toured extensively throughout the continental US, Puerto Rico,
US Virgin Islands and Canada. Performed many stints with well
known stars.

6. Studied classical guitar under the late great Richard Pick, DePaul

University Professor, Chicago, Ill.

7. Currently writing two Jazz guitar concept books:
A. Fingerstyle for Developing right hand technique. For
​ players wanting to develop walking bass line playing
technique for any style.

B. Non-Standard Grips: Compilation of fingerings for
Scales, Chords, Arpeggios and Hybrid picking using Jazz
Melodic Scales for Jazz Improvisation.